V Rising

V Rising Server Hosting

V Rising is an exciting new open world vampire survival game developed by Stunlock Studios. As an online multiplayer game, having a high performance dedicated server is crucial for a smooth and lag-free experience. Using a reliable V Rising server hosting provider offers many benefits compared to self-hosting – including better uptime, useful features, enhanced security, and top performance.

This article provides an overview of V Rising and the key reasons to use server hosting. It also covers the top server hosting providers that are recommended for hosting your V Rising server.

Brief Background on V Rising

V Rising is a gothic-styled survival game set in an open world, where you play as an awakened vampire after centuries of slumber. Your goal is to slowly regain your former powers and reclaim your empire in the land of Vardoran, facing threats from sunlight, rival vampires, and supernatural beasts.

Core gameplay features include PvE and PvP combat, castle building, crafting weapons and armor, controlling nearby settlements, and more. Developed on Unity’s advanced DOTS technology and playable solo or with friends, V Rising aims to provide a thrilling and immersive vampire survival experience.

Why Use Server Hosting for V Rising?

Using a dedicated third-party server hosting service offers numerous advantages for a smooth V Rising multiplayer experience:

  • Avoid lags, crashes, and downtime: Hosting providers offer excellent uptime and ensure the server is online when you want to play. No more ruined sessions due to technical issues.
  • Performance and speed: Dedicated servers are equipped with high-end hardware for lag-free gameplay. You get better responsiveness.
  • Useful features: Many providers offer useful additions like installing mods, maps, plugins, FTP access to game files, and easy backup.
  • Enhanced security: Hosting servers are protected against DDoS attacks, keeping your game and data safe while playing online.
  • More control: You can customize gameplay settings like player slots, maps, mods etc. as per your preferences.
  • Immersive experience: Enjoy smooth graphics and top performance for a truly immersive survival and combat experience.
  • Low latency: Choose hosting location closest to you and your friends for reduced lag and latency.

In the next sections, we will cover popular V Rising server hosting providers that offer these benefits and more for a fun multiplayer experience as you hunt for blood and rise from vampire to Vampire Lord.

What is V Rising?

V Rising is a new gothic-themed survival game developed by Stunlock Studios where players take on the role of a vampire awakening after centuries of slumber. Set in the dark fantasy world of Vardoran, the game aims to provide a thrilling PvE and PvP multiplayer experience as you slowly regain your vampire powers and reclaim your former empire.

Become a Powerful Vampire Lord

In V Rising, you play as a weakened vampire who rises from their coffin, hungry and weak after being dormant for many years. While vulnerable to sunlight, you must hunt for blood to regain strength, acquire new supernatural abilities and skills, and start building a castle to establish your dominance.

The ultimate goal is to gather resources to evolve from a fledgling vampire into a mighty Vampire Lord, gaining access to powerful weapons, spells, and allies. You can craft gear, weapons, and defensive fortifications to survive against dangerous monsters and ambitious vampire clans looking to destroy you.

Explore a Gothic Open World

V Rising features a sprawling open world with gothic inspired biomes like haunted graveyards, dark forests, and haunted castles. You’ll traverse mist-filled countrysides, explore underground dungeons, and discover forgotten ruins as you search for resources and blood essences.

The emergent gameplay lets you choose your own path – engage in all out castle sieges and open world PvP, complete challenging PvE quests, or focus on expanding your vampire empire by taking over AI settlements and growing your undead army.

Engaging Realm vs Realm Gameplay

While you can play solo, V Rising is designed as an online multiplayer experience where you can join up with friends to survive together or prey on each other. The game features Realm versus Realm PvP gameplay where you can attack rival vampire clans, lay siege to their castles, and loot their resources if you prevail.

Form alliances for greater strength or betray your allies for more power. The global server based gameplay means you are always competing for dominance and power in the land of Vardoran against other real players looking to grow their vampiric kingdoms.

With its gothic setting, vampire themes, and Realm vs Realm sieging, V Rising aims to provide a fresh take on survival and empire building within a dark fantasy world.

Why Use V Rising Server Hosting?

V Rising is an online multiplayer game designed to be played with others. Using a dedicated third-party server hosting service offers many benefits for a smooth V Rising experience compared to self-hosting the server.

Avoid Lags, Crashes and Downtime

A reliable hosting provider will ensure excellent uptime so your V Rising server is online when you and your friends want to play. Server crashes and downtime can ruin the gameplay experience. Hosting servers are monitored 24/7 to prevent outages.

Get Enhanced Performance and Speed

Hosting providers use high-end hardware and solid state drives optimized for low latency and fast data transfers. This results in smooth, lag-free gameplay without stutters or choppy performance.

Useful Server Features

Many V Rising server hosts offer useful additions like custom maps, mods, plugins, easy backups, control panel access, and one-click installs of the game server. This enhances the gameplay experience.

Protection from DDoS Attacks

Reputable hosting providers implement advanced security including DDoS protection, firewalls, and other measures to keep your server safe from malicious attacks. Your game data remains protected.

Customize Gameplay Settings

You get full control to tweak gameplay variables like player count, difficulty, loot drops, rates of progression etc according to your preferences and playstyle.

Play With Friends Globally

Top providers have datacenters around the world allowing you to choose the closest location. This reduces latency for players connecting from different countries.

Immersive Graphics and Visuals

Optimized servers prevent frame drops and stutters, providing an immersive combat and exploration experience in V Rising’s gothic universe.

For an enjoyable V Rising multiplayer experience, using a dedicated server with ample resources allows your vampire survival gameplay to shine.

Top V Rising Server Hosting Providers

There are many server hosting providers to choose from for hosting your V Rising game server. Here are 8 of the top recommended options based on features, performance, support and value.

1. Indifferent Broccoli

Indifferent Broccoli makes it easy to get your V Rising server up and running fast with their one-click setup. Their high RAM machines ensure excellent uptime and smooth performance.

Key Features:

  • Simple automated server deployment
  • Discord based 24/7 customer support
  • High memory servers from 64GB to 256GB RAM
  • Global data centers in North America and Europe
  • 2 day free trial to test, only $12/month for 8 slots

2. DatHost

DatHost offers an intuitive control panel to quickly customize and set up your V Rising server. Their modern hardware provides low latency gameplay.

Key Features:

  • Quick deployment with custom control panel
  • Set advanced configurations and scheduling
  • Latest Intel processors for lag-free experience
  • 20+ locations worldwide for lowest ping
  • Starts at €10.90 monthly for 40 player slots

3. GTX Gaming

GTX Gaming is known for reliable uptime and DDoS protection for secure V Rising servers. Their high powered hardware grants great performance.

Key Features:

  • Instant setup and industry leading uptime
  • Daily automated server backups
  • Robust protection against DDoS attacks
  • Enterprise-grade server hardware
  • 24×7 expert support and money-back guarantee

4. XGamingServer

XGamingServer delivers dedicated, high-performance V Rising servers. Choose your desired CPU cores, RAM and storage for a customized experience.

Key Features:

  • Dedicated server resources just for your server
  • Worldwide locations with low latency
  • Powerful AMD Ryzen CPUs and ample RAM
  • NVMe SSDs for blazing fast data speeds
  • Unlimited player slots, DDoS protection

5. 1GServerHost

1GServerHost offers V Rising servers equipped with NVMe storage and robust DDoS protection. Instant setup and hourly backups provides reliability.

Key Features:

  • Servers with fast NVMe solid state drives
  • Advanced protection against DDoS attacks
  • Hourly automatic server backups
  • One click setup and complete FTP access
  • 72 hour refund policy

6. Survival Servers

Survival Servers provides powerful dedicated servers, advanced security, and easy remote management for your V Rising gameplay.

Key Features:

  • Top tier server hardware using Intel/AMD CPUs
  • Simple control panel for server management
  • Switch datacenter locations easily
  • Hardened defense against DDoS attacks
  • Mod support and automated restarts

7. GPortal

GPortal has a quick 3 minute setup for new V Rising servers. Experience low latency gameplay with their worldwide datacenter options.

Key Features:

  • Recommended for up to 40 player slots
  • NVMe SSDs for fast server speeds
  • Automated DDoS protection via Corero
  • Multiple datacenter choices across continents
  • Easily switch between supported games

8. ZAP-Hosting

ZAP-Hosting offers automated deployment of V Rising servers with powerful hardware. Customize using mods and their control panel.

Key Features:

  • Instant setup with their proprietary panel
  • Intel E5 CPUs and DDR4 RAM for performance
  • Prepaid server options available
  • Hardened security against DDoS
  • Mods/plugins supported

These providers offer the features, technology, and reliability needed for hosting your own high performance V Rising server. Evaluate them to find one that best fits your requirements and budget.


V Rising offers an exciting and immersive multiplayer experience as you awaken as a vampire and slowly regain dominance in a gothic open world. However, a laggy server can ruin the gameplay. Using a dedicated third-party server hosting provider offers many benefits for smooth V Rising sessions.

The key advantages covered in this article include better uptime, enhanced security, useful server features, increased performance, low latency, and more control over server settings. We looked at top V Rising hosting providers like Indifferent Broccoli, DatHost, GTX Gaming, XGamingServer, 1GServerHost, Survival Servers, GPortal and ZAP-Hosting.

When picking a server hosting provider for your V Rising gameplay, keep in mind factors like:

  • Reliability – Look for excellent uptime and DDoS protection to ensure an uninterrupted experience.
  • Performance – Select providers using latest high-end hardware for smooth lag-free gameplay.
  • Features – Additional features like mods, control panel access, and backups add more value.
  • Support – Pick hosts with 24/7 customer support in case issues arise.
  • Budget – Consider monthly costs and available server sizes when choosing a plan.
  • Location – Low latency results in a better experience, so choose the nearest data center.

By leveraging a dedicated server for hosting your V Rising game world rather than self-hosting, you and your fellow vampires can focus on survival, empire building and domination without technical hindrances. Wishing you an amazing time with V Rising multiplayer using one of these top server hosting providers!