The Ultimate Guide to Conan Exiles Server Hosting in 2023

Conan Exiles is an open-world survival game set in the brutal lands of Conan the Barbarian. Based on the books by Robert E. Howard, players must survive harsh environments, build bases, and dominate enemies in this multiplayer game.

Choosing the right Conan Exiles server host is crucial to get the best performance, uptime, and game experience. This guide will cover the top server hosting providers for Conan Exiles in 2023.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dedicated Conan Exiles servers offer the best performance and control over settings. Shared hosting can lead to lag and downtime.
  • Look for hosts with worldwide locations to reduce ping and lag for all players. Multiple regional options are ideal.
  • Mod support, DDoS protection, and full configurability are must-have features for most Conan Exiles servers.
  • Check Reddit and community reviews to gauge real customer experiences with each potential host. Uptime history and support responsiveness are key.
  • Don’t just look at lowest cost providers. Value, performance and reliability are also critical factors for choosing the best Conan Exiles server host.

Why You Need a Dedicated Conan Exiles Server Host

Unlike playing Conan Exiles directly through the game server browser, hosting your own Conan Exiles server gives you full control and customisation. Here are some key benefits:

  • Customise settings – Modify crafting, harvesting, XP gain, and many other settings to tailor the gameplay experience.
  • Install mods – Add extra content like new weapons, building pieces, gameplay tweaks and more for an expanded experience.
  • Increase slots – Host more than the default 40 players with higher performance dedicated servers.
  • Uptime guarantee – With your own server, you don’t rely on flaky default public servers that can have downtime.
  • Central hub for your community – Provide a consistent online hangout for your friends and gaming community.

Overall, for serious Conan Exiles players, investing in a dedicated server is the way to go for the best long-term experience.

The Best Conan Exiles Server Hosts

Now let’s cover some of the top dedicated server hosting providers for Conan Exiles. These have proven track records in the Conan community for performance, uptime and features.

Host Havoc

Host Havoc is one of the most popular Conan Exiles server hosts thanks to great worldwide coverage, DDoS protection and excellent performance even on modded servers.

They have 12 locations worldwide including the UK and EU, US East and West Coast. Options include protected 10 slot servers starting from $13/month with 500MB/s network, NVMe SSD storage and DDoS protection.

Host Havoc has excellent uptime, knowledge bases for modding and configuration, and very responsive 24/7 support. Their game panel also makes Conan Exiles server management easy.

GTX Gaming

For Conan Exiles players based in North America, GTX Gaming is a top choice. They offer servers in Los Angeles, New York, Montreal and other major US and CA cities.

They support all Conan Exiles mods and custom maps along with DDoS protection. Their console allows 1-click installs of Conan mod packs. 24-hour customer service and a 7-day money back guarantee provide peace of mind.

GTX servers start from $15/month for 10 slots. Performance options scale up to Intel i9 CPUs, NVMe SSD storage and 10Gbps uplinks for the best experiences even on heavily modded servers.

Survival Servers

Survival Servers is another very popular choice in the Conan Exiles community providing excellent performance and 100% uptime.

Their global locations include the UK, Germany, Canada, Australia and more. Options include standard Conan Exiles servers from $14/month, as well as Conan Exiles: Isle of Siptah servers starting at $20/month.

All Survival Servers plans feature full configuration control, mods, backups, and 24/7 support. Top-tier plans include NVMe SSD storage and 99.99% uptime SLA.

Indifferent Broccoli

For affordability without sacrificing performance, Indifferent Broccoli is a top Conan Exiles hosting choice. Their plans start from just £8/month for a 10 slot UK-based server.

All Indifferent Broccoli servers feature generous specs including Xeon CPUs, SSD storage, DDoS protection and 1 Gbps uplinks. Support response times are excellent as they specialise in survival game servers.

Custom control panel, Steam workshop mod support, backups and more cover all the features Conan Exiles server owners need. For an affordable but well-featured UK host, they are tough to beat.


Nitrado has a long track record hosting thousands of game servers including Conan Exiles. Their global server locations provide low ping worldwide.

They offer three Conan Exiles plans priced per slot starting at €0.59/slot in Europe and $0.80/slot in North America. Each plan includes full configuration, mod support, backups, and monitoring.

Higher tier Nitrado plans add more CPU cores, SSD caching and priority support. While not the cheapest provider, their performance and reliability are proven with Conan Exiles servers.

Other Top Hosts

Some other popular Conan Exiles server hosts to consider include Apex Hosting, LOW.MS and GPORTAL. Each offers worldwide locations, full mod support and excellent uptime and support responsiveness for Conan Exiles.

For the best bang for buck, check smaller providers like Indifferent Broccoli too. Avoid very cheap unreliable hosts, look at community reviews, and test performance with a short-term rental before committing long-term.

Key Factors for Choosing a Conan Exiles Server Host

Beyond the top hosts listed above, here are some key criteria to keep in mind when researching hosts and reading Conan Exiles server host reviews:

  • Reliability – Check their uptime history and service level agreement. Conan Exiles servers need rock solid stability.
  • Performance – CPU, storage and network specs impact modded server performance. NVMe SSDs and robust networks help.
  • Locations – Global locations with low pings for North America, Europe, Australia and beyond are ideal.
  • DDoS Protection – Absorbs DDoS attacks to avoid server downtime. A must for public Conan Exiles servers.
  • Support – Knowledgeable 24/7 support and quick response times show a commitment to customers.
  • Mod Support – Easy Workshop subscription and Oxide mod installation for customised servers.
  • Control Panel – Intuitive control panels help easily change settings and restart/update servers.
  • Cost – Providers like Host Havoc and Survival Servers offer excellent value at mid-range pricing.

Doing your research on these factors will help you find the best Conan Exiles server hosting provider for your needs and budget. Don’t sacrifice on performance and reliability to save a few pounds per month.

What is the best server for Conan Exiles?

For most players, a mid-range plan from Host Havoc, Survival Servers or GTX Gaming offers the best combination of performance, worldwide locations and reliability.

What is the best Conan Exiles server host Reddit recommends?

Reddit reviews consistently rate Host Havoc and Survival Servers highest for performance, uptime and support. GTX Gaming and Nitrado also get positive feedback.

What is the best Conan Exiles server host Reddit recommends?

Reddit reviews consistently rate Host Havoc and Survival Servers highest for performance, uptime and support. GTX Gaming and Intrado also get positive feedback.

How much does it cost to host a Conan Exiles server?

Expect to pay £10-20 per month for a quality 10 slot Conan Exiles server. Lower tier basic hosts can be found for £8-10/month, while premium hosts are £15-30+.

Can you host your own Conan Exiles server at home?

Yes, but a home internet connection lacks the stability, performance and DDoS protection of a professional hosting provider. Not recommended.


Choosing the right Conan Exiles server hosting provider is crucial for the best gameplay experience. Avoid overcrowded default servers and unstable cheap providers.

Look for worldwide locations, strong performance, DDoS protection and responsive support. Host Havoc, Survival Servers and GTX Gaming excel in these areas for both vanilla and modded Conan Exiles servers.

Do your research on Conan Exiles server hosts via Reddit, reviews and community forums. Test performance yourself before committing long-term. With the right host, you can enjoy Conan Exiles on a private server tailored to you and your friends.