Survival Servers Review

Survival Servers is one of the top providers for popular sandbox games like Minecraft. In this Survival Servers review, we will take an in-depth look at the features, pricing, and performance of Survival Servers to help you decide if it is the right hosting choice for your multiplayer survival gaming needs.

We take at look at this game hosting provider to see if they are any good, what they are like to use and if you are likely to encounter any issues. We will also show you any coupon codes, deals or offers that they may have so you can take advantage of them.


Our review criteria are pretty straight forward and it covers the main key areas that you will want to know before signing up for an account with them and parting with any money.

Whenever we are evaluating any type of gaming hosting we will consider the following as these are probably the most important things that make one game hosting company better than another:

  • Available Games
  • Value For Money
  • Performance
  • Control Panel
  • Modifications
  • Locations

We assess each and every game hosting provider with the same criteria and give you an unbiased opinion on how each one performs.

Games Available on Survival Servers

This is probably the most important thing for you to consider. If the game you want to play isn’t available with a particular host then you will want to try a web hosting company that does provide hosting for your game. has been around for a while and in that time have made available a large number of games. You can play the following popular games:

  • 7 Days to Die
  •  ARK: Survival Evolved
  •  Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead
  •  Arma 3
  •  Atlas
  •  Battalion 1944
  •  Citadel: Forged With Fire
  •  Conan Exiles
  •  Dark and Light
  •  Day of Dragons
  •  DayZ
  •  Dead Matter
  •  Eco
  •  Hurtworld
  •  Insurgency: Sandstorm
  •  Minecraft
  •  Miscreated
  •  Mordhau
  •  Onset
  •  Outlaws of the Old West
  •  PixARK
  •  Reign of Kings
  •  Rend
  •  Rune 2
  •  Rust
  •  Scum
  •  Space Engineers
  •  The Forest
  •  Unturned

It’s an impressive list and why they are one of the most popular game host providers around. If you can’t see your preferred game in the list and want to find out who provides hosting for your game then check out our list of games that you can buy hosting for.

All the games that they support come with state of the art SSD hard drives, they have their own control panel plus they offer a wide range of mods. In addition, you are also provided with FTP access, DDoS protection. In addition, you will find all the popular mods like Primitive Plus, Scorched Earth, The Center and tonnes of Steam workshop mods.

You can specify all of this when you are placing an order and in addition, you can install your own mods via FTP, more on this feature later.

Coupons and Promotions For

Web hosting is a very competitive space so it’s no surprise that a lot of web hosting companies offer discounts and promotions in the form of a promo code to new and existing customers. The coupons can save you a load of money and provide you with over 50% in discounts so are well worth using.

At the time of writing, you can use coupon FIVEYEAR to get a discount. Click here to get more details of what this coupon code provides you with.

Survival Servers Server Specifications

When it comes to game server hosting there are various things that you need to consider, we’ve given you all the features available at Survival Servers.

Types Of Hosting

Survival Servers only offers shared hosting and charge per slot. So if you need a provider who can offer you a dedicated server so that you can configure things for yourself or if you need a colocation service then we have a recommended list for both. Survival Servers don’t offer this option as they specialise in shared hosting and shared hosting is the easiest way to get up and running because the server provider has done everything for you.

Server Locations

The location of your server is important as you want to pick a location that is closest to where the bulk of the players will be playing the game. The internet is a collection of cables and routers and simple physics come into play, the closer you are to each other, the less distance the data packets have to travel, so the better your gameplay will be.

Survival Servers provide hosting in the following locations:

  • Los Angeles
  • Seattle
  • Dallas
  • New York
  • France
  • Germany

There is a great selection of locations on offer but if you are a UK based gamer the nearest servers are in France & Germany and although the latency wasn’t too bad and it didn’t cause any issues if you have issues with may want to look at a UK provider.

It goes without saying that you can change your location at any point from within the control panel.

Hard Disks

When it comes to game hosting you want to be using SSD disks. SSD stands for Solid State Disks and are the fastest hard drives available on the market. Much in the same way you use them in a gaming PC then you should be using SSD in your servers also.

As Survival Servers were created by gamers they understand the importance of this and they offer SSD as standard with all of their shared hosting packages.

DDos Protection

DDos Protection is really important when it comes to gaming, mainly because someone trying to DDoS the server you are playing on is incredibly frustrating. Survival Servers offers basic DDoS protection in all of the locations and advanced DDoS protection in some locations.

It’s unclear which locations have which level of protection but Survival Servers has the ability to dynamically route your traffic if the location you are in has only basic protection, to a location that has advanced protection.

This means should your location suffer a DDoS attack then it will be offline for a short amount of time why the traffic is rerouted.

FTP Access

Survival Servers provides FTP access with your account so if you want to install a map or mod that isn’t provided on the order form then you can manually install them using FTP and the “Custom Launch Parameter” feature within the control panel.

Processors & Memory

As any gamer knows these are two of the most important features of your gaming rig and they are also extremely important when it comes to your gaming host.

Survival Servers uses state of the art Dual Xeon processors and the latest generation DDR4 memory. This state of the art hardware is what makes them one of the leading providers of game hosting and why they have been in business for over 8 years.

Survival Servers Control Panel

TCAdmin is a popular choice that a lot of hosts use for game hosting. We’ve mentioned before that the owners of Survival Servers are themselves gamers, so they’ve put all their experience in developing their own Custom Built Control Panel and what they have come up with is exceptional.

If a mod is important to you or you need to restart your server, then all of this can be done from within the control panel.

We’ve put some of the screenshots for their control panel so you can see how the control panel looks before opening an account with them.

If you want more information on the control panel before you decide to register an account with them then full information is available on their wiki page.

Survival Servers Pricing

Their prices are detailed below so you can see for yourself how competitive they are as a hosting provider:

  • Order ARK: Survival Evolved (PC) From $0.44 / slot
  • ARK: Survival Evolved (PS4) From $0.38 / slot
  • Conan Exiles From $0.93 / slot
  • Minecraft From $0.59 / slot
  • 7 Days to Die From $1.25 / slot
  • Rust From $0.16 / slot
  • DayZ From $0.67 / slot
  • Space Engineers From $0.79 / slot
  • Dead Matter From $2.06 / slot
  • Eco From $0.29 / slot
  • Atlas From $0.46 / slot
  • The Forest From $0.45 / slot
  • Arma 2 From $0.50 / slot
  • Miscreated From $0.56 / slot
  • SCUM From $0.72 / slot
  • Arma 3 From $0.80 / slot
  • PixARK From $0.88 / slot
  • Dark and Light From $0.66 / slot
  • Outlaws of the Old West From $0.75 / slot
  • Citadel: Forged With Fire From $0.66 / slot
  • Insurgency: Sandstorm From $0.87 / slot
  • Hurtworld From $0.63 / slot
  • Mordhau From $0.98 / slot
  • Rend From $0.94 / slot
  • Unturned From $1.88 / slot
  • Reign of Kings From $0.63 / slot
  • Rune 2 From $1.24 / slot
  • Battalion From $1.35 / slot
  • Day of The Dragons From $1.06 / slot
  • Payment Methods

So if you’re wanting to pay via eWallets like Skrill, they currently don’t support them, but you can use Paypal or Credit Cards.

Survival Servers accept payment via Stripe and PayPal. Stripe payments support all major credit and debit cards (Visa & Mastercard) but please note the payee must be over 18 in order to pay for and rent server space.

PayPal is an e-wallet service and there are other similar e-wallet services like Skrill & Neteller but these currently aren’t supported.

Setting Up Your Survival Servers Account

Setting up an account is straight forward to do, you need to provide the following information in order to get up and running:

  1. username
  2. password
  3. email address
  4. location
  5. slots
  6. billing cycle

There are various options available to you when you create an account, so for example, if you are creating an account to be used for Minecraft then you can select the Game Type if you are creating a ARK:Survival Evolved account then you can pick the map that you want to use.

These options are specific for the game that you are wanting to play and are standard across most shared hosting providers.

Customer Reviews

Want to add your review to our list and share with others your own personal experience of Survival Servers then get in touch with your thoughts and comments.


There are plenty of support options that Survival Servers offer. If you are the self-help type then their Wiki has all the information you could ever need that covers how to set up and configure all aspects of their service.

In addition, you can open a support request via their ticketing system where all support requests should be answered in 12 – 24 hours.

There is an active forum on their website too where you can ask questions.

Survival Servers Final Thoughts

All in all, for shared hosting we can’t find much fault with Survival Servers. They offer great hardware and support at competitive prices all wrapped up in an easy to use Control Panel.

We would like them to cover more locations in the future if possible as there is a lack of UK datacentres on their list.