Making Money With Game Hosting

To make money with game server hosting, you must first have a game server on which people want to play. You need to offer something different from what other servers offer or something that is not available from other providers.

With that in mind, here is how to make money with game server hosting.


Sell In Game Items

In-game items can strengthen a character and improve a player’s experience or progress in the game. Examples of in-game items include cosmetic skins, weapons, and armour. Gamers can buy them with real money or earn them by levelling up.

However, ensure that selling these items does not affect gameplay on your game server. Most game server hosting providers offer this option and include systems to help you process payments.

Sell Advertising Space

If you have a popular game server, you can sell advertising space on it to earn some extra money. You can add banners or links to advertised products and services within the game or on any website or forum associated with your server. Just be sure not to overdo it, as too much advertising can drive away players.

Charge For Subscriptions

Another way to make money with game server hosting is by charging players a monthly or yearly subscription fee. This can be done directly through your server software or by setting up a subscription service like Patreon. Be sure to offer something worth paying for, such as exclusive content or VIP treatment, so people are compelled to join your game server.

Ask for Donations

Some gamers like to donate, especially if you offer incredible gameplay consistently. Gamers also know that donations fuel timely updates and continuous expansion and motivate the provider to focus more on the game server and not treat it as a side hustle. You can make good money with your game-hosting server by asking for donations.

Secure Sponsorship

If you have a vibrant game server, you can contact sponsors. They are always ready to fund your game server if you’re prepared to promote their products or services to the gamers on your server. However, finding sponsors is not easy.

You need to do extensive research. The best place to start your research is Google. A Google search with the keywords” Game server sponsors” will avail a list of companies willing to sponsor game servers.