Terraria server host

Terraria Server Hosting

Terraria is an expansive 2D sandbox video game that has captivated millions of players worldwide with its vast possibilities for exploration, building, crafting, combat and more. Its procedurally generated world allows for limitless adventure and creativity. Since its initial release in 2011 by developer Re-Logic, Terraria has sold over 35 million copies across various platforms.

The game truly shines when played with friends in multiplayer mode, where you can collaborate or compete to survive and thrive in the Terraria world. However, hosting a multiplayer server through the in-game “Host & Play” option has limitations. The world resets when the original host leaves, and there is potential for lag due to limited server resources.

This is where renting a dedicated Terraria server becomes highly beneficial. With a dedicated server from a specialized hosting provider, you can have a persistent online world accessible 24/7 for uninterrupted gameplay with friends. The server will be optimized to handle multiple concurrent players without performance issues.

Rather than dealing with the complexities of self-hosting a server on your own machine, it is advisable for most players to go with a managed server rental. The hosting provider handles maintenance, mod installation, backups, security patches and more, so you can solely focus on enjoying the game.

When selecting a Terraria server host, key factors to evaluate include available server locations for low latency, DDoS protection, support for mods like tShock and tModLoader, control panel ease of use, automated backups and sufficient allocated RAM and storage for your needs.

This article will dive deeper into the advantages of renting versus self-hosting as well as highlight 11 of the top Terraria server hosting providers worth considering for lag-free gameplay and an all-around great multiplayer experience.

11 Recommended Terraria Server Hosts

When it comes to selecting a hosting provider for your Terraria server, you have several excellent options to consider. Below are 11 of the top recommended Terraria server hosts worth evaluating:

1. HostHavoc

HostHavoc is known for excellent uptime exceeding 99.9% and strong DDoS protection. They support mods like tShock and offer game panel access for configuration. Pricing starts at a very reasonable $0.70 per slot.

2. Sparked Host

Sparked Host provides unlimited slots on all Terraria plans and has servers worldwide for low latency multiplayer gaming. Mods are supported and plans start at only $2.50 a month for 10 slots.

3. ScalaCube

ScalaCube provides high performance Terraria servers on SSDs with 99% uptime guarantee. Refunds are offered within 7 days if dissatisfied. Pricing begins at $4.80 monthly for 6 slots.

4. Indifferent Broccoli

This creatively named host promises great hardware, Discord integration and awesome customer support for Terraria servers. Plans start at $12 a month.

5. XGamingServer

XGamingServer offers a custom control panel, worldwide locations and robust DDoS protection for Terraria. Pricing starts at $15 monthly with generous hardware resources.

6. Bisect Hosting

Bisect Hosting makes it easy to setup and run a Terraria server with daily automated backups. Mods are supported on all plans starting from just $2.99 a month.

7. Fragnet

Fragnet places no limits on world size, plugins or mods for your Terraria server. Pricing begins at an affordable $0.76 per slot.

8. CitadelServers

CitadelServers provides simplified mod installations and management with 18 worldwide locations. Starting at $0.16 per slot, it’s feature-packed.

9. LogicServers

LogicServers has instant deployment, DDoS protection and global regions for low latency Terraria gameplay. Pricing starts at $0.67 per slot.

10. Nodecraft

Nodecraft makes running a Terraria server easy with its intuitive control panel and mobile app. Plans begin at $9.98 monthly.

11. AleForge

AleForge provides user-friendly controls, free trials and mod support. Pricing starts at $0.60 per slot.

This covers some of the top, vetted options for hosting your Terraria server. Evaluate features against your needs to choose the best provider.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Terraria Server Host

Choosing the right Terraria server hosting provider is crucial for ensuring a smooth and lag-free multiplayer experience. Here are some of the key factors to evaluate when selecting a host for your Terraria server:

Number of Slots

Consider how many concurrent players you expect to have on your server. Many hosts offer scalable plans based on the number of slots, so aim for a plan with sufficient slots for your needs. Most providers also allow upgrading to more slots easily if required later.

Mod Support

See if the host supports popular Terraria mods like tShock and tModLoader that expand gameplay options. The ability to easily install mods on the server is a major plus.

Server Locations

Low latency is vital, so check server locations and choose a host that has servers near your players to minimize lag. Having global location options is ideal for an international player base.

RAM and Storage

Adequate RAM and fast NVMe SSD storage are essential for peak server performance. Make sure your host provides sufficient resources based on expected server load.

Control Panel

An intuitive control panel lets you easily configure, mod, admin and maintain the server without hassles. Good hosts offer user-friendly control panels.


Regular automated server backups by the host protect against data loss and downtime. Backups are a key factor for security and peace of mind.

Customer Support

Evaluate each company’s reputation for customer service and support response times. Good support can be invaluable for any issues faced.


Compare plans across shortlisted hosts to get the best value. Focus on the features you need rather than just the lowest cost.

By carefully assessing these key criteria, you can zero in on the Terraria server host that best fits your specific needs and budget for an exceptional multiplayer experience.

Here is a professionally written chapter providing an overview of 11 recommended Terraria server hosting providers:


Finding the right hosting provider is crucial for having the best multiplayer experience with Terraria. This article covered key factors to evaluate when choosing a host, such as server locations, mod support, performance, ease of use and pricing.

The 11 recommended hosts showcased offer excellent options to suit different needs and budgets. For those seeking robust features at reasonable prices, HostHavoc and Sparked Host are great choices. ScalaCube and Nodecraft are ideal for prioritizing speed and uptime.

Indifferent Broccoli, XGamingServer and Bisect Hosting make mod installation seamless. CitadelServers, LogicServers, Fragnet and AleForge enable easy server management through intuitive control panels.

The most suitable Terraria server host for you will depend on your specific priorities. Analyze the number of players, desired mods, server locations, budget and hardware needs.

Carefully compare hosts on those aspects integral to your use case. Opting for a provider that checks all your key boxes is essential for lag-free, uninterrupted gameplay with your friends worldwide. With the right hosting service, Terraria can deliver endless multiplayer enjoyment.