Arma 3 Server Hosting

Arma 3 is an open-world military tactical shooter game developed by Bohemia Interactive that provides incredibly realistic gameplay and combat simulation. First released in 2013 for Windows, and later for Linux and macOS in 2015, Arma 3 is set in the mid 2030s on three fictional islands – Stratis, Altis, and Tanoa.

These vast islands with photorealistic environments allow players to experience all the scenarios of modern warfare – from special ops infiltration missions as a lone wolf, to commanding large-scale combined arms operations complete with advanced armored vehicles, helicopters, jets and unmanned aerial vehicles. Players can enjoy absolute freedom in navigating the sandbox terrain and choosing their own military gear and vehicles to accomplish objectives.

The huge arsenal of customizable rifles, machine guns, mortars and artillery provide unmatched realism in first-person shooter games. The single player scenarios place players in tense situations against intelligent AI enemies using the latest generation of deadly weaponry. With diverse playable content available, no two battles play out the same.

However, the most immersive experience comes from Arma 3’s multiplayer where players can join forces to take on cooperative scenarios together. The open world environment with advanced ballistics and vehicle physics makes Arma 3 multiplayer addictively entertaining. Unfortunately, hosting your own Arma 3 multiplayer server comes with challenges.

As a server host, you need a high performance system with ample storage, memory and a fast CPU to handle the game’s massive scale and details without performance issues. The huge in-game maps can be difficult to administrate and lack customization. For new players unfamiliar with server management, setting up Arma 3 mods or configuring complex parameters is frustratingly complex.

This often leads to a poor gameplay experience and players simply giving up. The solution is to use a dedicated third-party Arma 3 game server hosting provider. This not only offloads the system resource requirements from your PC, but also provides easy configuration of mods, maps and settings. Server hosts help you get in-game faster with minimal headaches. Their 24/7 customer support is ready to quickly assist if any issues arise.

For an enjoyable Arma 3 multiplayer experience, read on to find the top server hosting providers who deliver excellent performance and service.

Top 9 Arma 3 Server Hosting Providers

Arma 3 offers endless opportunities for exciting multiplayer combat, co-op missions and content creation with the right server hosting. There are many hosting providers to choose from, but the following 9 stand out for delivering top notch performance and service for Arma 3 servers.

1. HostHavoc

HostHavoc is a premium provider using powerful TCAdmin control panels customized specifically for Arma 3. Their game templates allow easy launching of dedicated servers with installers for mods like Altis Life, Exile and Steam Workshop subscriptions. Configuration is simple with file managers, FTP access and an intuitive interface exposing Arma 3 parameters.

With 10 global data centers and true redundancy, HostHavoc guarantees 99.9% uptime. DDoS protection and 2-factor authentication keep servers secure. Full refunds are available within 72 hours if not satisfied. Pricing starts at $20/month for 40 slots.

2. Survival Servers

Survival Servers enables fast deployment of Arma 3 servers using their in-house control panel for effortless mod installation, settings adjustment and location switching. Click to enable mods like Epoch, Altis Life and Wasteland.

NVMe SSD drives and Intel/AMD CPUs provide incredible speed. Free DDoS protection and one click admin adding provide security. Get notified of new mod versions and make backups of your DB with Survival Servers.

3. Fozzy

Fozzy Game Servers allow customizing your own robust Arma 3 server hosted on the latest Dell hardware and protected by DDoS mitigation. Flexible plans based on slots, CPU, RAM and storage make it easy to scale resources as your community grows.

The special 3-day plan lets you spin up temporary servers just for weekend gameplay. Fozzy’s 3-day money back guarantee provides a risk-free way to try out their fast, reliable hosting services.

4. GTXGaming

GTXGaming has 10+ years experience providing user-friendly Arma 3 servers with powerful, annually upgraded hardware and unlimited memory/CPU cores. Their control panel has templates that integrate Steam Workshop and other add-ons to keep your server feature-rich.

Beautiful UI, FTP access and text editors give you full control over configuration. Multi-user accounts help admins assist you in management. Robust DDoS protection keeps your server and community safe from attacks.

With data centers on 6 continents, low latency global gameplay is assured with GTXGaming. Their 24 hour refund policy makes it easy to try them risk-free.

This covers some of the top Arma 3 server hosting providers worth considering for your needs. The next chapter will cover additional leading hosts in more detail.

5. ArmaHosts

ArmaHosts focuses on dedicated servers for Arma 3 and total control over remote data management. They have enabled more custom missions, mods and communities than other hosts through their services.

Register to instantly deploy your Arma 3 server after signup. Budget monthly plans start at just $2 for 1-9 slots. Free infiStar Vision addon and control panel management make ArmaHosts easy to use.

6. Nitrous Networks

Nitrous Networks offers fast global deployment of Arma 3 servers using TCAdmin panel for effortless management. Their network hardware and T1 providers ensure low latency worldwide connectivity.

Latest enterprise SSD storage delivers speed. DDoS protection through filtering points of presence keeps your community secure. With 7 worldwide data centers and flexible billing, Nitrous Networks is a top choice for reliability.

7. LogicServers

LogicServers allows instant setup of Arma 3 servers after payment confirmation. Their powerful hardware includes 4Ghz+ CPUs and NVMe SSDs for unrivaled performance.

Use TCAdmin to customize mods, enable backups or restore files. DDoS protection prevents resource exploitation. With 11 global data centers, LogicServers offers low latency Arma 3 servers almost anywhere.

8. GPortal

GPortal provides instant deployment of Arma 3 servers hosted on latest Intel Xeon and NVMe SSD hardware for max performance. Their user friendly control panel makes server management easy for beginners and experts alike.

Cool features include 50GB of backup storage, a live console, DDoS protection and multiple support options. With data centers on 6 continents, GPortal can deliver low ping Arma 3 servers globally.

9. Nodecraft

Nodecraft makes launching and managing an Arma 3 server easy through their NodePanel 2. Servers can be installed in seconds and configured intuitively. Mobile apps provide control anywhere.

By leveraging enterprise Linux, NVMe SSDs and high CPU cores, Nodecraft focuses on delivering max performance and stability. Server resources are protected with limits of 12 players per device. Low latency is assured with 13 worldwide locations to choose from.

Monthly plans start at just $9.98. Try Nodecraft risk-free for 7 days with full refunds guaranteed.

These additional top-tier hosts are worth looking into for your specific needs and preferences when choosing an Arma 3 server provider. Be sure to also consider critical factors like uptime history, DDoS protection, server locations, customer support responsiveness and budget when making your decision.


Choosing the right Arma 3 server hosting provider is crucial for a smooth multiplayer experience. Consider key factors like:

  • Speed – Fast NVMe SSD storage and high CPU cores eliminate lag.
  • Uptime – Look for redundant infrastructure and 99.9% uptime guarantees.
  • DDoS Protection – Robust DDoS mitigation prevents attacks and outages.
  • Location – Multiple global data centers close to your players reduce latency.
  • Support – Responsive 24/7 customer support resolves issues quickly.
  • Price – Balance performance with affordable monthly costs for your budget.

The hosts covered in this guide offer excellent solutions to meet the demands of running Arma 3 servers flawlessly. Evaluate your priorities and needs to determine the best provider for hosting your Arma 3 multiplayer server.


Choosing the right Arma 3 dedicated game server hosting provider is crucial for enjoying smooth and lag-free multiplayer experiences. This article covered the top 9 providers worth considering based on performance, features and service.

When evaluating Arma 3 server hosts, keep the following key factors in mind:

  • Powerful Hardware – Fast NVMe SSD storage and high CPU cores are needed to handle Arma 3’s demanding engine without lag or crashes. Look for hosts using the latest server hardware.
  • Quick Deployment – The ability to instantly spin up a server after signup and payment makes getting in-game faster.
  • Easy Mods Integration – Support for quickly installing and managing mods like Altis Life, Exile and Steam Workshop additions is very useful.
  • Control Panel – An intuitive control panel to configure settings, manage add-ons, adjust parameters etc streamlines server administration.
  • DDoS Protection – Robust DDoS mitigation prevents outside attacks that can disrupt connectivity and gameplay.
  • Global Coverage – Multiple worldwide data center locations reduce latency by putting servers closer to your players.
  • Customer Support – 24/7 customer service should be responsive in quickly resolving any issues that arise.
  • Budget – Server costs can vary greatly, so weigh performance against monthly charges to meet your budget.

Carefully evaluating these factors will help identify the ideal Arma 3 hosting provider for your specific needs and deliver the best multiplayer experience for your community.