Miscreated Game Server Hosting

If you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in hosting your own Miscreated game server. Having your own game server has many benefits. But first, before you set up your game server, you will need to understand what to look for if you haven’t done it before. Many game server hosting providers allow you to rent and set up your own dedicated server, and by the end of this article, you should have all the information and recommendations on what you need.

In this article, you’ll discover which providers offer the best Miscreated game server hosting and some recommendations on which hosts you go with. 

I’ll also share the requirements to host a Miscreated Server and the benefits of having your Miscreated game server. You’ll also learn the things to consider when choosing a game server hosting provider.

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What Is Miscreated?

Miscreated is a challenging survival game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic open world and can be played online with other players in a post-apocalyptic environment. As a result of the fallout from The Final War, mankind was reduced to its knees, and those who survived now cling to the ruins of a harsh Earth that have been devastated by a mutant plague.

The only way to survive in this world is to fight against horrifying creatures, dangerous animals, other desperate survivors, and even the weather if you want to survive.

Game Creators

Entrada Interactive makes the games is a development team comprising around twenty people located in different parts of the world.

System Requirements

MINIMUM: OS: Windows 7+ 64-Bit Processor: Intel i5-6600K or AMD Ryzen 3 1300X Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: GeForce GTX 780 or Radeon R9 285 DirectX: Version 11 Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 20 GB available space Sound Card: DirectX Compatible

RECOMMENDED: OS: Windows 10 Processor: Intel i7-4790 or AMD Ryzen 5 1500X Memory: 12 GB RAM Graphics: GeForce GTX 970 or Radeon R9 290X DirectX: Version 11 Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 30 GB available space Sound Card: DirectX Compatible

Playing Miscreated In Multiplayer Mode

Miscreated can be played in multiplayer mode, connecting players to a single game so they can all play with or against each other.

You can rent a server from a provider and create your own dedicated platform to host other players and even use it to make some money. A multiplayer game server allows two or more players to play a game in the same environment simultaneously.

When participating in a multiplayer game, you use a client, a piece of software running on your computer that converts your control and input into data and sends it to a central server across your network. Every participant does this in the game, and the server continuously gathers all of their input.

This software is usually integrated into the game, so you won’t know it’s even there.

The server then processes every player’s input into the game and gives each player the results. For instance, if player A swings a sword and player B comes in the way, the game determines that player B was in the wrong position and decides that they are dead, declaring player B to be dead while declaring player A to have scored a hit.

The relevant player sees this Information displayed in the game client after it returns down the tube to them (in the form of game action).

Miscreated Server Hosting Requirements

During Miscreated’s beta period, personal servers will not be officially supported, and their status will almost certainly be updated following each subsequent patch.

A lot of information is dynamically loaded on the server as it runs, so when a game is fully loaded, the Miscreated server will be able to utilise up to 4 GB of memory (as the server runs, much of the information will be dynamically loaded).

It is estimated that each participant who is using the game at the same time will require an additional 30 MB of RAM. Whenever 50 people use the server simultaneously, it is expected that the server will take up to 6 gigabytes of RAM.

Running your own server can create many challenges for you as the server admin. For instance, you may need to shut down your server every 24 hours to keep it running optimally, flush any RAM and clean up the server log files.

Operating System

You will need a Linux server to create your own Miscreated gaming server.

Storage space

While people still use mechanical Hard Disk drives (HDD) to store gaming data, they are much slower and unsuitable for modern servers. A Solid-State Drive (SSD) is the best storage device for today’s game servers. This is because it does not rely on spinning disks or moving parts, which makes retrieval of stored data slower.


You need at least 8GB RAM for a dedicated Miscreated Game Server. But if you’re looking to host multiple players on your server, you’ll need at least 16 GB RAM.


At least a Quad-core Intel® CPU with a minimum clock speed of 2.5GHZ

Benefits Of Having Your Own Miscreated Game Server

The good thing about Miscreated is that it allows you to buy your own dedicated server and create a private online playground. With that in mind, here are the benefits of having your own Miscreated game server:

Complete Control

When you have your own game server, you have complete control over the server environment. You have control over the server resources (CPU, memory, and disks), purchases, security settings, backup schedules, internet service, and more

You also determine:

  • What games you want to play
  • How many players join your server to prevent the consumption of too much memory or computing power
  • The software to use
  • Configure the server to ensure smooth gameplay, such as selecting the operating system, adding customized scripts, configuring tools, and tweaking game settings.
  • Whether to increase player slots and move locations
  • The game’s rules include round count, maps, permitted weapons, equipment guidelines, win requirements, character attributes, etc.
  • You can create a community around your game server.

Dedicated Miscreated game servers come with player slots. This means you can allow many people to join your server, play games, interact and share helpful content and tips about gaming. If you offer the best services, the players become loyal customers and brand ambassadors, and they’ll refer their friends and family who are enthusiastic about gaming.

Over time, you create a helpful community around your game server that you can monetise.

You Can Easily Switch Between Games

If you feel like breaking from your favourite game, you can do so with a dedicated game server. Switching between games with a shared game server can be difficult or impossible. Plus, when you run into a problem when switching between games, customer support representatives are always online to help.

You Get the Best Speeds.

You’re given a dedicated server when you rent a Miscreated Game Server. Dedicated hosting servers are typically faster than shared hosting servers because there is no sharing of bandwidth or computer resources like CPU and RAM. In other words, a dedicated game server reduces lag and enhances the gameplay experience.

Security Guarantee

When renting a dedicated Miscreated game server, you’ll use your personal computer to run it. And if you want to monetise it, you’ll have to allow people to join your server. Unknown people joining your server can put your computer at risk.

Miscreated game servers are secure because the hosting company invests heavily in security. Specifically, Miscreated makes significant investments in cybersecurity, such as superior firewalls, improved DDoS protection, manual backups, and scheduled backups.

Also, you have complete control over who access the server, allowing you to keep track of all players and keep an eye out for unauthorized users.

Your dedicated server is available for exclusive use by you. So, you can decide to play the games alone. Also, Miscreated gaming server runs video games only; no emails or applications are running in the background. All this minimizes the attack surface.

Monetising Your Gaming Server.

Here is how to monetize your Miscreared game server:

Charge Subscription Fees

You can only make money if you have games that people want. So, when starting out with game server hosting, look for profitable games. 

Conduct research to ensure the game is in demand and profitable before you buy it. Check out review sites like GamesRadar+, Destructoid, and Game Informer to see what clients say about the game. Also, read what people are saying about the game on social media. 

Additionally, ensure you have an excellent game server to run the games. The key things to consider in a gaming server are server location, uptime, security, and customer service. People who subscribe to your game server expect you to always be there for them.

Promote Games

Many game developers will pay you to spread the word about their games. But you must have a loyal following and excellent marketing skills to make money this way. You can spread the word about a game with a huge audience, get people to play it, and make money.

Ask for Donations

Excellent gaming skills can make you money. If your gameplay is fascinating, ask for donations from your fans on YouTube, Twitch, or other sites. People are willing to donate if they get value by watching how you play games.

Promoting on Discord

Many gamers are making a lot of money from this platform. Discord lets you communicate with your team through audio, video, or text. You can promote games and gaming accessories, such as keyboards, CPUs, gaming chairs, and more, on your Discord account and make money.

Promote a Game Server

You can make money through your game server as an affiliate marketer. Many game server hosting providers give commissions to people who can persuade others to rent their game servers.

For instance, if you have your own Miscreated server, you can market the Miscreated to your audience and persuade them to rent a dedicated server. When they rent, you get a commission percentage of the rental fee.

Things to Consider when Choosing a Miscreated Hosting Provider.

With so many game server hosting providers out there, it can be a tremendous challenge to pick the right one. Luckily, this guide will help:

Server Location

Server location matters when picking a game server. Here are the reasons why:


If the hosting server is located close to you, the traveling distance of data between the server hosting provider and your dedicated game server is short. This means your game server apps will load and run quickly, reducing latency.


Each country has its own rules and regulations regarding web security. Some countries have strict online security measures, which means authorities can legally access users’ servers and monitor their activities and data.

In other countries, authorities cannot access users’ servers unless it’s a matter of national security. So, it’s essential to know where your host server is located to learn the laws applicable in the country to enable you to decide whether it’s a good option.


You can access resources and services from a central computer using a client-server network, either a local area network (LAN) or a wide-area network (WAN), like the Internet.

An internet connection is necessary for playing online games, and the connection’s quality can impact gameplay. Lag, a delay in how quickly a game reacts to player input, can be brought on by a sluggish internet connection. Players may find this frustrating, which will lessen their enjoyment of the game.

So, when looking for a game server hosting provider, go for one that offers the best and most reliable internet connection.

Also, the hosting provider should have a backup generator to ensure the availability of the Internet even if the power grid goes down.

Their data centres should include continuous cooling systems that ensure the infrastructure can handle the workload regardless of how much action the game sees. This gives you peace of mind knowing that there will be no overheating issues that can affect connectivity.


The computer’s instructions and processing power come from the processor, also referred to as the CPU. Your computer can perform tasks faster with a more capable and modern processor.

In a game server, the CPU processes player input and the game’s instructions. It handles tasks like managing the environment, NPCs, and simulations. This is why games like Kerbal Space Program, which emphasizes physical simulations more, demand a powerful CPU.

In short, the more powerful a game server is, the faster it can think and work.

So choose a game server that uses a range of powerful processors from potent E3 processors to the latest i7\i9 CPUs to ensure your game server thinks and works faster.


Memory serves as the computer’s electrical storage facility for the instructions and data that it needs to access fast. In other words, Information is kept in the memory for quick access. It’s a short-term storage facility, which means when you shut down your computer, all the data in the memory gets lost.

Memory is one of the fundamental components of a computer since, without it, a game server will not be able to operate as intended. A game server’s operating system, hardware, and software require memory.

The primary memory in a game server is the RAM. Without enough RAM, your game server will not be able to store all the game information it requires to run smoothly, and this will affect gameplay. If your server has extremely low RAM, the game will not work.

Therefore, choose a game server hosting provider that offers between 8 and 16 GB of RAM if you rent their game server for one player. They allow you to upgrade your RAM if you want to allow multiple players in your game server.


Storage matters when choosing a game server hosting provider. Game servers store Information about the game and players, such as matchmaking information (ranks, skill rating, etc.), game settings accounts, items, maps, location, statistics, preset levels, titles, etc.

So, you need a lot of storage space to run a game server. You need much more storage space if you want to host more than 50 people on your game server. So choose a game server hosting provider that offers enough server storage space.

If you’re going to rent a server to play games alone, choose a provider that offers between 8 and 16 GB of RAM. If you’re going to host up to 50 players, choose a provider that offers at least 24GB of RAM and 120GB of SSD storage. If you intend to host 50-100 players, go for a provider that offers at least 32GB of RAM and 240GB of storage.

DDoS Protection

When renting a Miscreated game server, you will use your personal computer to run it. And if you want to monetize it, you’ll have to allow people to join your server.

With cybercriminals becoming bolder each day, your server can be hacked, and your personal and financial information and that of the players on the server can be stolen. Cybercriminals use this personal and financial information to steal identity and money from financial accounts.

The most common cyberattack in the gaming world is a DDoS attack. A DDoS (Denial of Service) attack is where a cybercriminal creates so much traffic or congestion to a server that it prevents the normal flow of visitors to the server.

When a DDoS attack happens, you’ll witness a drastic reduction in server speed, a complete outage, or unexplained things that you don’t usually see in the day-to-day operation of your game server.

So, choose a game server hosting provider that invests heavily in security to prevent DDoS attacks, such as installing superior firewalls, server traffic monitoring, using Content Delivery Networks (CDN), and manual backups and scheduled backups.

You can also help keep your game server safe. Because you have complete control over who may access the server, keep track of all players and keep an eye out for unauthorized users.

Because a gaming server only runs video games, no emails or applications are running in the background. This helps to minimize the attack surface.


When it comes to gameplay, you spend hours, days, months, or even years creating something. So, you want to protect the time spent creating that thing. But you can lose what you’ve created for that long in a second because of data loss due to data corruption, software or hardware failure, or human-caused events like accidental data deletion or malicious attack (malware or virus.

That’s why data backup is vital. When a backup system is in place, you can recover that lost data with a few clicks of a button.

So, when searching for a game server hosting provider, choose one that offers regular internal and external data backups.

Miscreated has a backup and recovery system that creates and stores copies of gaming data to protect it in case of server failure. The backup system allows gaming data to be recovered and restored to help your server recover from an unforeseen event.

Control Panel

A game server control panel enables you to manage your server and players. You can do a host of things with a game server control panel, such as:

  • Add and delete players from your server
  • See player activity
  • Set player permissions
  • Change settings, such as game quality, in-game chat, music playback, and more
  • See player communication
  • Manage player account creation
  • Create custom maps and mods

You can see why a control panel is essential for any game server with all these functionalities. So, when searching for a game server hosting provider, choose one that offers a game server with a control panel.

Number of Player Slots

The number of player slots matters when renting a game server to make money. The more the number of player slots, the more money you’ll make. But also, the more players in a server, the more resources the server will need to maintain those players, which means more costs.

So if you’re planning to charge subscriptions for your game server, go for a game server host that offers more player slots. But if your game server is just for enjoying games with your friends, go for one that provides fewer player slots.

Technical Support

You may encounter technical issues with your server when playing your game, such as lag, graphical glitches, or games hanging, freezing, or stuttering. You’ll need help fixing them quickly so you can continue your game.

So, choose a hosting provider that offers dedicated game servers with in-built support systems that allow you to access a customer support representative easily:

The types of support systems the hosting provider should offer include:

  • Phone – Allows you to reach support easily and quickly through their hotline
  • Email – It should be available 24/7 to answer your questions quickly and competently.
  • Live Chat Support – This should be available through a chat system to help you get interactive feedback.


Having your own game server comes with a myriad of benefits. You have complete control of your server and can use the game server to make money. 

But to enjoy these benefits, you must choose the right game server and hosting provider. 

The good thing is that we have delved into the aspects you need to consider to choose the best game server. And if you don’t have time to research, you can choose Mistreated. With the best Miscreated game server hosting, you’re sure to take your gameplay to a new level.